Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Week In Carterville Rotary

In addition to announcing two new members of the group, Carterville Rotary had more going on. This week, thanks to the diligent work by former president John Streuter, the new Carterville Rotary Website was launched. With the new website and blog, members as well as the community can keep up to date on the clubs continuous activities. Thank you John for all your hard work!

Also on Wednesday, Margie Kemp and Beth Laird from the Carterville Lioness club stopped by to share information on their latest project. The project called "Military Salute" will look to honor veterans and active military personnel with ties to the Tri-C area. Flags with a plaque will be displayed in Carterville's Cannon Park to honor our local veteran's. Please contact the Carterville Lioness Club for more details.

Vicky Gentry, president 618-457-0215
Sandra Congiardo, 2nd V.P., 618-985-4866

Carterville Rotary Welcomes Two New Members

This past Wednesday, Carterville Rotary welcomed two new members to our group. Both Butch Wagner and David Kirk were accepted into the group. We all want to give a warm welcome to the two and look forward to working with them on future Rotary projects.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Carterville Rotary at Pumkin Path and SIU Tailgate

Carterville Rotary was at at again over the weekend. Friday Night we were out supporting the annual Carterville Pumpkin Path. This was the first year for our son to be able to trick or treat, and it was a blast. I have never seen so many kids dressed in costume in one place. Even if you don't live in Carterville, this is the place to be on Halloween. If you were lucky enough, Bill and John would have given you a sucker at the Rotary stop. (They said I was too old). My son had a good time and enjoyed the live music:

The next morning, Rotary made another showing at the SIU tailgate. The weather was perfect for some pre-game celebration. And for those that stuck around, they saw a good game as SIU beat North Dakota 40-21. Go SIU!