Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Librarian Pays Us A Visit

Jane Robertson from the Carterville Public Library was the guest speaker for our group this morning. Jane came by to update on the progress of the new library that just received the funds from the estate of Anne West Lindsey. Lindsey who passed away in 2005, left $1.5 million and 5 acres towards the new project.

The new building will be located about a half mile north of the new building and couldn't come anytime sooner.

The library district especially needs the new building because on July 1 it went from serving Carterville to include the entire Tri-C district of Carterville, Crainville and Cambria. Robertson said especially since being bumped up to a district library, they've outgrown the building.

"We've been in the present location for 25 years and we're pretty well cramped," Robertson said.

Please visit the Carterville Public Library's website for more info.

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